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About Me

Our Story

Jarressa Estate is a family runned wine business established by the White Family – in beautiful South Australia – Australia’s most prestigious wine state. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, we pride ourselves on producing high quality, affordable wine, true to the traditional Australian style.
Now, the 3rd generation of Whites – Jarrad White took over the business, we believes and insists on our own wine making philosophy. Every bottle of JE wine speaks the characters of South Australia region. We have dedicated our passion into this family winery and promise to continue bringing newer meaning, inspiration to the brand.

Our Philosophy

We love what we do and are enthused about making wine.
We are serious about quality, and we continue make sure it every day. With all the efforts we put into our vineyard, the wine we made we just need to enjoy it simply.
At Jarressa Estate we like to say ‘Just Enjoy’ and we really mean it.

Our Vineyard

One of the Jarressa Estate’s oldest vineyard is planted with Shiraz and Chardonnay. It is sited in a low-lying area. Through thousands of years, all the fertile top soil was washed down from the surrounding hills and deposited in our vineyard. That is how our lovely deep rich loam-based soil was formed, which provide fundamental structure for a good quality of Jarressa Estate wine.
All the vines in here are excessed 70 years. Year by year, we carefully maintain right growing condition for them. Our vineyard is dry grown, we only get what rains. Thanks to the depth of the roots (around 1.5+M) and age of this vineyard, they are extremely well at doing self-regulation to their growth and fruit production which requires little intervention.
A vineyard that requires little additional involvement is very healthy and we can expect our vineyard continuing to produce good quality fruits for many years to come. Our team manage this vineyard primarily by hand, including pruning, yield control and most importantly harvesting. Unlike machine harvesting, hand-picking allows us to be very specific in the selection of grape bunches.
All these practices are both labour intensive and come with heavily initial investment, but it is well worth for us to do so. We are passionate about producing the highest quality grapes which is proudly used in our Jarressa Estate flagship wines.

Barossa Vale Vineyard

Mclaren Vale Chalk Hill Vineyard

Mclaren Vale Flat Vineyard