Jarressa Estate believes and insists on its own wine making philosophy.

Through strict yield control, professional vineyard management and careful selection of high quality fruit from different wine regions in South Australia, together with the hard work of local experienced wine makers, Jarressa Estate produces classical South Australian style wines. Every bottle of Jarressa Estate wines represents its heritage and persistence of traditional wine culture. White family members have dedicated their passion into this family winery and they continue bringing newer meaning and inspiration to this family brand.


Jarressa Estate is run by Jarrad White, the 3rd generation of the White Family.

Thanks to his experience working at Penfolds for more than 10 years, Jarrad has accelerated the development of Jarressa Estate. Now, Jarressa Estate has extensive partners for stable wine supply and currently exports hundreds of containers annually to different international markets. In recent years, Jarressa Estate has expanded its business quickly in the China market, having distributors in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei, Taiyuan, Wuhan and other cities across China and has also established a show room, two cellar doors and more than 200 brand showcases in different shopping malls.

About South Australia

South Australia is famous for its wonderful wines all over the world. Fresh air, fertile soil and a moderate climate are the basis for making good quality wines. South Australia attracts millions of tourists every year not only because of its wines but also because of the stunning scenery, especially the beautiful coastline.